Acrylic Installations is what Grand Slam Surfaces has built its name on over the years. Our 3-coat acrylic hardcourt systems are hard wearing and very durable, which makes them great for all sports applications, whether at schools, clubs and even backyards. Our Prestige surfaces offer cushion and gel surface options, helping to prevent injuries and making you feel great even after hours of playing competitive sports.


We can refill and recoat your sport court surface to prevent moisture damage and ensure it is clear of any trip hazards caused by tree roots or ground movement. We can also help with low ponding areas by building up the base with our repair materials and coating the area with the same colour.


Maintaining a clean sport court surface is very important for its overall performance and longevity. A thorough cleaning should be done once a year either just before winter or just after winter, making it ready for summer. We can clean your court, keeping it looking fresh and preventing mould from growing. We use 4000psi pressure washers and warm water to for the best results.

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Our personalised customer service includes obligation-free quotes and on-site meetings through to design, construction, earthworks, installation, court equipment, fencing, lighting, maintenance, cleaning and repairs.