acrylic sports surfacing


Laykold® is an acrylic sports surfacing system that can be customized to achieve the desired performance, playability and appearance.

Laykold Gel Laykold®

Gel is a revolutionary, technologically advanced, seamless cushioned court system manufactured utilising 60%+ renewable resources. The all-weather court surface offers a wide variety of benefits to all ages and abilities. From recreational to professional athlete, Laykold Gel provides up to 17% force reduction enhancing player performance by reducing joint impact and body fatigue. The chemistry is complex but the result is simple.

all levels of competition


Spurtan® BV is suited to all levels of competition. This unique sandwich track system is our most popular all-weather track system. It’s quick to install, offers a uniform finish and any surface damage can easily be repaired without full depth replacement. Athletes like it as it is cushioned enough to train on, and fast enough for best performance in competition.

sports flooring system


Dynapoint® Classic is a resilient, seamless sandwich indoor sports flooring system. Composed of prefabricated recycled rubber mat adhered to the substrate and coated with a minimum 2mm premium polyurethane Wear Coat. Finished with two layers of premium polyurethane matte top coats.

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